The Retreat Experience



It was a 9-day retreat which was during Jan , I stepped on the soil of Goa with the narrow mind looking at it as a party animals hub but what I got was completely unexpected. I became a different person. There are so much of unexplored places around and after a week in Goa I realised that Goa is the place that offers what one seeks for.

My workshop on NLP master practitioner  started after a week of exploring the northern part of Goa and as I came towards the southern part, I realized it was much more peaceful with less travellers. It instantly made me realised the beauty of this unexplored side. The view of Palolem beach made me feel like I am at the home of the beautiful sunset, the calm waves and the fresh air. It was relaxing after experiencing many sleepless nights.

I went to training with no expectation and I experienced some powerful Breakthroughs. I got he insights and the wisdom of many things that I wasn’t aware of before. Few times, I had tears in my eyes. It was just perfect, there were beautiful people from all over the world. Training also included some physical activity like Feldenkrais, Yoga and Tai chi. It wasn’t just the training but also the excursions with boat rides to butterfly beach, our dinners together made the whole experience very connected and belonged for me.

While everyone were sad leaving the place, for some reason I wasn’t. I didn’t have the feeling of missing the people who were around me. It’s then I realised that I am living in NOW one of my key takeaways, a state that I live in now as well.

Once I was back to my hometown it wasn’t just me but everyone who knew could see changes in me. I was in a state of doing things I wanted to rather than just talk about them or dream about them.

Can’t wait to be back there for more learning and for my new me!



By Laxman V

He has completed his NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner with Thought Labs. A professional photographer and soon to be an owner of an innovative cafe in Bangalore.