Imagine having to relax and gather your thoughts with the serene backwaters of a lagoon lapping your feet and with the grand sea next to you and the rolling wild hills around it. Imagine a place where you could just let go of everything and just sit back, relax, and reflect, surrounded by Mother Nature.


Now we might think that this kind of place might not exist at all, but you are wrong. Palolem Beach, Goa is one such place. This will be our venue for  this year’s NLP Practitioner Course with Master Trainer of NLP, Tristan Soames & Nishith Shah

This Goa course is a very special event in many ways. Palolem offers you a picture post card beaches with a very calm bay. Amidst magical, mystical greenery learning becomes that much more easy, relaxed and stays with you for a lifetime. This location has been intricately put together to offer you the best NLP experience there is. Palolem is easily accessible from all major metropolitans in India


The setting is remarkable simply because it is held in The Dreamcatcher Eco Resort, Palolem, Goa. The Dreamcatcher Eco resort is located in the north end of Palolem, right where the majestic Arabian sea meets a tranquil lagoon. They have around 50 cottages scattered over 3 acres of magical, mystical greenery.  These are just some of its exciting features. The resort also is home to some great chefs who can whip up a lovely meal in no time.

Now, you would wonder how does it help to learn NLP in these relaxing surroundings?

But that’s just it. This setting of the course will be perfect for your learning to experience training sessions as well as have enough time for self-reflection and coaching. This program will be made easier to digest in this immersive environment which will give you the perfect balance between fun, learning, and relaxation.

The fabulous environment will let you hone yourself. It will let you spend time on yourself and will help you reflect. Surrounded by  Nature and by excellence, passion and elated conversation the course will help you redefine yourself. You’ll be coached on a variety of topics, before, during and after the retreat. You will transform your professional and personal life and take it to that next level.