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Hi, I am Nishith.

I am an NLP trainer and founder of Thought Labs. I have been exploring and

developing NLP for more than 8 years. I was blessed to come across NLP at just 17. Since

then, I have got the opportunity to work with thousands of people across the world. I’ve

helped many people develop NLP skills and support them in the process of transforming


I have been certified from NFNLP, US | ANLP, UK | Sue Knight Books and Talks.

When I started exploring NLP, I didn’t want to only run NLP Programs, as they have been

taught from decades. I wanted to really explore the core of NLP and create something

innovative. That’s when I started developing strategically created NLP experiences in the

places like Goa, Himalayas, Nagaland & more. These experiences are uniquely created to

give you all the resources you desire and create the life you want for yourself and others

around you.

Initially, when I ran NLP programs, I also worked with organizations to really understand how

to be more productive and get better results for everything. I also explored how

organizations can create a winning team culture, by setting up accountability and the sense

of belonging. This has transformed the way they operate and has produced breakthrough


Some of my clients are Aditya Birla, Robert Bosch, HP, Wockhardt and many more.

It’s during that time, I got an opportunity to meet Tristan. I was fascinated by his approach towards

NLP which much flexible, experiential and fun. One thing is for sure, with his training you will have

many life-changing moments during the course of this program. When he is coaching you, he works

at much deeper level and you will experience a significant paradigm shift in a way you experience

the world.

Between us, you can expect to experience the combination of fun, experiential & skill based

approach to take your NLP to the next level.

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