Life Coaching is an amazing profession. As a Life Coach you are helping people reach deep within to access what is truly important and how they want their life to be. You help them find the courage to dream and the resources to make those dreams come true.

Being a Life Coach is fun, practical and rewarding.


You will help people take charge of their lives, figure out what they want, and how to make it happen. You will help them achieve what they want to achieve and support them on their journey of success.

You will learn that helping people change their lives for the better, helping them become happy, fulfilled and to live a life that is true to who they are, is an incredibly fulfilling career.

It works perfectly alongside any other profession that is also people centered. If you are a teacher, HR, manager, counsellor, trainer, founder or in any other profession where you help people, the Life Coaching skills that you will gain will revolutionize your results. You will help people become empowered to take charge of their lives and steer it in the direction they want it to go. You will release dependencies, and help the client build their own strength within. You will see them happy and in control of their lives and the direction they want it to go in.

What Can you Expect

Life coaching is an incredibly powerful method to help people resolve the issues that are holding them back and to help them move forward in life.

When Nina started teaching, it was important for her to design a course that was of the highest standard and that would give her students as many insights and discoveries as possible.

She put together this course with the best and most powerful methods and tools that she has used with her clients from all walks of life.

This course will give you a professional foundation on which to build your coaching practice.

It is a pragmatic method and using the tools & techniques and this course, you will be able to change your own life and help others change theirs.


You will be taught how to help people quickly move from where they are now to where they want to be, how to help them get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and how to free up from fearful thinking. You will learn how to identify the client's and your own true passion, and how to help them follow their own unique path.

The life coach training puts structure and order into your sessions so you can give your clients maximum value in each session. It helps you guide your clients and help them channel their thinking in practical and constructive ways about the future and what they want it to be.

You will get lots and lots of practical exercises and coaching tools to help you and your clients.

This is a thorough course compressed for accelerated learning and you will be taught core coaching competencies that will enable you to develop your coaching skills continuously to become a coach of the highest standards that really does your clients justice.

In this course you will look deep within your soul for your true goals. These goals that may have nothing to do with possessions, achievement and success, although they may have, but also to the goals and dreams that make your heart sing.

You will be asked to look for the true life that you want to live, for the authentic vision that you know in your heart is yours, and create a vision for the life which is a true reflection of all that you are – true, real, authentic to you. This is part of the process of helping your clients do the same.

This life coaching course will teach you to practice the pragmatic tools that have helped Nina be successful as a life coach.

The real skills coaching tools that you will learn will enable you to make that vision into reality through real life effective methods used by the most successful businesses and executives for years

Outcomes of the program

Empowerment Principles

Through these empowerment principles you and your clients will discover the mind-set of real, authentic and meaningful living and goal setting. This isn’t just about financial or material success but about how to create a compelling future that is real and meaningful to you. It is about how to step into your own power and be who you want to be, and achieve what you want in life.

What is Coaching, the Background of Coaching and Professional Boundaries

This will help you understand where coaching came from, what coaching is and is not, the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling, psychotherapy, NLP, as well as the professional boundaries for coaching and how to manage these. I believe it is important, to uphold the highest standard and as a training provider we aim to match both the ICF and the EMCF standards.

What Makes a Great Coach – You The Coach and Your Vision

How do live your own life and what standards do you set yourself? What is your ideal coach and how can you live up to your own high standards. How do you measure your own competencies, and ensure continual professional development and create a plan to continuously improve your skills?.

Coaching Skill Set

Creating a Safe Space

How do you hold the space for the client – how do you allow the client to be fully present, and explore their innermost desires and dreams. How do you facilitate that place of trust where they share things with you that perhaps they don’t share with anyone else?

Having worked for years with women who suffered abuse and violence, I realised that creating a safe foundation was a skill that many overlook– and also that only once that was established could healing truly begin. No matter how adept at all the other skills, if there was no safe space, the client could not be fully present and safe and honest.

Listening – Three Levels of Listening

This is part of creating the safe space. How do you listen not just to the story but to everything that is not said or not being said? How can you hear on many levels the clients’ fears, worries, beliefs, hopes and dreams?

Communicating (Questioning Skills)

How do you ask that one thing, or say that one thing that helps the client have the insights that they need to have at that moment, or gain the strength and courage that they need right there and then? What question do you ask and when? How much of your own input can you give, and when is it appropriate and when is it not?

Facilitating Learning and Change

The essence of coaching is to facilitate learning and change.

How do you create awareness?

Awareness is the First Step To Change

How do you Enlighten the Soul?

Finding the Vision that makes you go just WOW

How do you help the client move forward through designing actions, goals, plans and strategies?

Designing Action – Planning, Goal Setting and Strategies

Through this section you will learn how to really make the dreams a practical realty. This section is about exploring clients' reality and their ways forward, and provides real value to the client as you explore the facts, feelings, skills – current and lacking, thinking – strategies, helpful, non-helpful, obstacles – real and imagined, successes – past and learnings, failures, limiting beliefs, fears, supportive people, obstructive people, environment, resources - current and lacking, and more. This is a big area that is often overlooked both in therapy and coaching and where you can provide real value to the client.

How do you support the client to Maintain Progress – Reflect on Learning – Monitor the Course

And of course, –Success, Celebration and Achievement

The Coaching Framework – The Model – TGROW

You will be learning how to structure your sessions using the very effective TGROW model. It is a loose structure that moves the client beautifully through the start, middle and end of the session. It is a process of thinking and taking them through the Design Action, Goals and Planning stage above.

Through this model you will help your client explore and learn from their current and past situation, including the facts, figures, thinking, behaviour, emotions, strategies, resources, behavioural patterns, weaknesses, environment, resources, limiting beliefs, experiences, obstacles, options, skills, and more.

It is a non-religious, non-philosophical framework which means that you can use it effectively even if you already have a background in helping people, if you are a social worker, a counsellor, a therapist, an NLP-er or have any other preferred method that you use.

The two levels of life coaching program

Level One - is two days where you will get a foundation in the skills and tools. You will learn how to structure a session from start to finish, how to hold the client, how to help them think and move forward.
With Level One you can coach clients but you are not entitled to call yourself a certified Life Coach through the Nina Madden Company. You will receive a certificate which is a certificate of attendance.

Level Two - you will get a much more in-depth understanding of the coaching competencies, and explore in more detail the variations that occur in the coaching session. You will have plenty of real life coaching practice. You will go deeper into the model and explore many more tools and techniques. In order to qualify you will have to submit twelve case studies to be reviewed (this will be clearly explained) and that will qualify you to work with clients.

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About Nina Madden

Nina Madden has worked for the past decade as a Life Coach helping people change their lives. She works with people from all walks of life from all countries and currently has clients in London, New York, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries

She qualified as a Personal Life Coach with the Coaching Academy with distinction and since then has gone on to train as a Master, and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching.

She has a vivid and broad interest in the human condition and has learnt with masters of Reiki, NLP, Havening, IEMT, Energy Works, Shamanism & Guided Journeys, Remote Viewing, as well as studying trauma for her dissertation, and trained as a domestic violence worker during her work with Refuge.

The work is a calling for Nina, it is a passion and a vocation. She loves what she is doing and will be carrying on Life Coaching helping people find happiness in their lives into old age.

Many of her clients are very wealthy. Others are smart and passionate people who want to forge their own path in life, who cannot follow convention, who know there is something important within them.

Others are looking for harmony in their relationships with their partners, at home and with their children. Some come for broken heart. Nina also works extensively with issues like abuse, trauma, anxiety, heart ache, childhood issues.

Nina Madden also worked for years for the National Charity for Domestic Violence – using these Life Coaching skills that she will be teaching - to help women and children in the darkest of night to find hope and renewed confidence to take the steps that will change her life and her children’s lives forever.

Through these skills she has helped them move forward, to take charge of their lives and create safe havens for themselves and their children.

She is an avid traveller and explorer having travelled extensively in Africa, South East Asia, and Europe.


Clarity Needed: +91 99165 63743

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